History of the Blood Ship

A god dies. •

Its blood saturates the roots of a forest.

War Ship: The Red Death o

– The lumber from the forest is used to build ships, including The Red Death. •

– The crew of The Red Death, fueled by an unknown courage, win a battle where they are outnumbered three ships to one. o

The Red Death is claimed as a prize by enemy privateers. •

– Q: What words did The Red Death whisper to Captain Drojan that caused him to capture the ship instead of sink it?
A: “Together, we can rule the seas. No one will match our proficiency or ruthlessness.” •

Slave-Running Ship: Uraeus’ Venom •

– After a big storm, an empty ship is found: moldy and covered in seaweed. o

– Q: Who found the abandoned, adrift ship?
A: Osirion mercenaries, looking for opportunity after years of fighting. They name it Uraeus’ Venom. o

– The sale of Chelaxian gladiators funds the purchase of magick cannons. o

– In the hull, one of the slaves (named Harryet) leads a revolt. During the fight, the hull floods, killing them all. •

– Q: Did the hull flood itself, and why?
A: Uraeus’ Venom recognized a scion of a hated rival evil god in the hull and flooded itself. o

Astral Travels o

– An archwizard is duped into opening a portal into the astral. o

– A part of the ship’s essence is given mortal form and breeds with a demon. •

– A cult worshiping the ancient, fallen god attempts a resurrection rite that summons a portion of the essence to the material plane. o

Cult Ship: Unification •

– A half-breed entity takes human form to reunite his family by gathering weak-minded souls to fuel his journey.•

– A major natural disaster occurs, and Unification saves many refugees. o

– The captain converts some refugees, and orders his crew to sacrifice the others. A party of smugglers, among the crew, mutiny and claim the ship. They rename it Celerity. o

History of the Blood Ship

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