Voyages of the Blood Ship

Setting Sail on Golarion’s Inner Sea

Tonight was origin night of the Pathfinder Celerity campaign.

Present were D, J, N, and T.

Starting with a nautical theme, we came up with an Origin Story. The party will be the smuggler mutineers.

Our goal with this campaign is to have a story based on the crew, so no matter who is (or who is not) present any given night, we can go ahead and play.

There will be a main over-arching plot(s) and whatnot, but the goal is to have things loose enough so that bringing in new characters, or even switch-hitting GMs every now and then for one-shots or side quests is not out of the question.

The initial sense is that T will roll the captain, N the first mate, D a support character, and J a ship’s cook of some kind. The plan is to roll characters Sunday the 28th for any with a free schedule who can attend.



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