Voyages of the Blood Ship

From the journal of Ashnalar Dirazani, First Mate

Celerity is in Opara, Taldor. The crew was taking stuff to the Kithkaren Academy from Absolom. There’s a box 2′×2′, stone inlaid artifact, centuries old. Somehow Riela became “aware” of it. She convinced Jehan to go after the box, “an opportunity we cannot afford to pass up”. Riela feels that Ashnalar is the key to opening the box when, for centuries, nobody has. The voices said that he need to be by the box. She was on the ship when she heard the voices. We tracked the box to the house of a wolfmaster. Jehan talks the wolfmaster’s wife into giving up the location of the box, and into sex. We make off with the box. The wolfmaster follows us. We fight him and his wolves.p.

We take the wolfmaster’s stuff and wolf carcasses.p.

Ashnalar tries to open the box. On the top of the box there is a puzzle. It opens. The surroundings look like time lapsed photography. A pentagram burns into the ground. Screaming souls some out of the box. After about 30 seconds or so it calms down. Jehan appraises the box as a piece of art worth 5,000-10,000G.p.

We get back to Opara. We’re met by a contact from the Kithkaren Academy. Jamanda Orlashan. We show her the box. She offers to study it. We take care of business. She says there are curse runes. Three wolf spirits escaped when it was opened. We leave the box with Jamanda.p.

Augustana, Andoran. We all have the same nightmare. Totra, Osirion. Outside the city. Grey sky/clouds, going by fast. The five of us are looking out at Celerity. Gigantic demon with heads of screaming people in its body. All these warriors from different ages are surrounding us. The demon says “It’s your time”. Our feet are on fire, the cart we have has oils on it. The oils and the cart go up in flames, we burn alive. The warriors cry (I think, I can’t make out my hand writing).p.

The crew is complaining that they haven’t done any smuggling (gots to get paid!). We have a contact that has a buyer for some oil from Osirion. We set sail for Totra. We stop by Opara first. It’s Pharast 15.p.

Jamanda says they’re very serious curses. Curses created by good meant to curse the bad. References dating back to centuries. We head for Totra. A storm is on the way.p.

Jehan finds his contacts. This oil has heavy tariffs. The proper channels have certain production standards. We’re directed to a meeting place. Ashnalar senses that he’s (the contact) shifty and he’s hiding from the authorities. We get there early. We hear a wind, get a deja vu feeling, like from when we opened the box. Forming out of wisps and tendrils is a thing that came out of the box – a demon soul. It dissipates upon defeat. We meet the contact to get the oils. We approach an Osirion military unit walking up the road. We divert. The scene becomes familiar, reminiscent of the nightmare. We find charred remains along the bluff. One magical aura on one of the corpses, a Law aura. They are our corpses. Raiela tries to divine what happened. We agree to leave and load the oils onto the boat then we ask around town about any witnesses to what happened on the bluff. We learn nothing. As we’re leaving the smell of salt water reminds us of the smell of tears. We complete the transaction.



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