Stargazer Past

Jehan Diallo al Azeem

As a young boy, Jehan was rescued from slavers by a paladin of Abadar. After years as a squire, he took the mantle of champion upon the paladin’s death in combat. Later, he returned to Thuvia to lead a slave revolt in his homeland.

Cook: As a champion, before returning to Thuvia, Jehan boarded a ship called the Stargazer. Cook noticed a different bearing of a consignee coming aboard his merchant ship. This “Jehan” kept a low proofile, and the captain kept him busy with grunt work, but Cook noticed his bearing and mused there was more to this cabin boy, and he warranted watching … and perhaps — protecting?

Ashnalar: Back in Thuvia, it was the second night of the Battle of Aspenthar. The Thuvian forces had decided to try to sneak in two assassins into the slave’s camp to kill Jehan as he slept. They slipped into his tent. As they approached him in his sleep, the room went dark(er).

When Jehan awoke, there were two dead assassins, minus short swords and light leather armor.

The slaves won the battle of Aspenthar.

Ashnalar Dirazani

Thirteen years ago, as a “guest” of a noble family of Westcrown (Cheliax), Ashnalar was ordered to burn down a building belonging to another noble family. As the building burned, Ashnalar heard the screams of women and children. Ashnalar then went and killed all of the children belonging to his “host” family. Then went on the run. The Westcrown guards almost had him when…

Jehan: While on a port call in Westcrown, Jehan stumbled upon a young stowaway who plead for sanctuary from his misdeeds in town. Jehan found pity in his heart for the victim of circumstance. Together the two subdued the boy’s pursuers and escaped to parts unknown.

Djent: In port in Westcrown, the crew of the Hunefer was compelled to aid in fighting a major fire. Djent refused, as he knew he could feel a path to the curse. The crew noted this and decided to leave their recalcitrant monk at the next stop. Also, Djent noticed a neighboring sailor talking to a young boy.


Orphaned at a young age, Raiela was raised by a group of druidic gypsies who traveled extensively throughout the land, using her innate talents as a sideshow seer until she broke away to find someone to help her discover other latent talents.

Ashnalar: Plying her trade in the port city of Absolom, Raiela sees a tiefling male, Ashnalar. He stops to drop a coin in her hand when a mugger tries to stab her. She begins muttering in a language not of this world. Ashnalar dispatches the mugger and questions her about the language she spoke. He invite her aboard their ship, based on the words she said. He’s never said what it was that she spoke. He gets nervous when the topic comes up. He won’t say.

Cook: Cook gets very angry when Ashnalar brings a vagabond on the ship, but he is not immune to flattery for his cooking, and appreciation for his art finds this strange samsaran a welcome addition to the crew — especially after she predicts and is able to forestall a vermin infestation of his prize mushrooms.


Djent was kicked off his previous ship, the Hunefer, in Absalom. The shipmates could no longer stand his talk of a ship he described as a living curse.

Raiela: While searching for herself near Absalom, Raiela heard tell of a cursed ship. Feeling a tug of familiarity from the aether, tracked down Djent to learn more. Upon hearing the tale, she availed herself once again as a seer and was brought aboard the Stargazer to hopefully find the cursed one.

Jehan: Agreeing with the captain about the utility of the new hires, Jehan took it upon himself to assist in their acclimation to the Stargazer. After taking over as captain, the three managed to improve nearly every aspect of the ship’s efficiency and became a modestly famed vessel on the Inner Sea.


This one time, Cook was minding his own business in the Andoran port city of Augustana when these amazon-looking lady-barbarian thieves came out of nowhere and demanded stacks of spices and herbs. Most of the crew was on shore.

Djent: Djent was in another part of the ship performing purification rituals. He noticed the thieves and stealthily approached. He used what was available as weapons to drive back the barbarians; in this case, the spices. Cook considered it a pyrrhic victory.

Raiela: Once aboard the ship, Raiela makes use of her gifts to help avoid the various and sundry misfortunes that constantly plague sea-faring ships. To de-stress, she has taken a liking to lingering in the galley to listen to Cook’s myriad mutterings while occasionally learning to cook small, easy items.

Stargazer Past

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